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The Didactic-Pilot is a Wikipedia for brain-friendly learning,

new knowledge – new goals!

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Ken Robinson:
“Our educational sytem hasmined our minds the way we stigmatize the earth. For the future it wont serv! We can’t afford to go on that way! ”

Prof. M. Spitzer

“Schools can be a place a child can hardly wait to go to in the morning, and by the afternoon regret not being allowed to stay longer.”


Film about music as a sport, Here
Study with highly significant results.

Murder = Fun : Alyssa here


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Did you know = what harms / what helps learning
Best Practice = Teaching material
Links = Institutions and Literature

Why vertical collumns?

Left collumn    = the topic
Middle collumn = for your heart
Right collumn = for your mind

Good news!

Learning is set to become a lot of fun in the future:
Scientists discover that intelligence depends on movement!

Learning methods and styles of upbringing were until now matters of opinion. Today science is coming up with facts on how we can spare our children pointless digressions and tiresome tests.

As with the discovery of a new continent, for the first time in history researchers are opening their eyes wide to the biology of learning.

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