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If  the coming generation shall match the challenges which are awaiting them, there is no time to loose.  We have to go through the discoveries about the learning process and to make use of them.

Novelties don’t come to see the light of day by themselves,
Whether we spend our sleeping hours to a new born or to a project, whether we spend time and means for our children  or for an inventioin, we do a´ll this, because we want to contribute to a worth while future!

These voluntary boni are, what openes new horizonts when the old ones are lacking ways out.

…and such a bonus is the Didaktik-Pilot.

It goes beyond the Project  N° 2009-1-FR1-GRU06-07061, which was financed by the European Commission for Eduactiuon and Culture.

It is a thanksgiving to all those who engaged in developping this project as well as to those, who will engage in the future.

Проект «Искусство- естественная потребность человека» N° 2009-1-FR1-GRU06-07061 был финансирован с помощью Европейской комиссии. Публикация отражает мнение авторов, и Европейская комиссия не ответственна за данную информацию, содержащуюся здесь или любое ее использование.