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Negation results in its opposite:

As soon as you hear “Don’t think of pink elephants” pink elephants appear immediately in your imagination. The ears are the “touchpad”. Once a term is touching them, the programme runs unstoppably.

The same happens when telling a young child “Don’t open the cupboard door! Don’t take out the saucepans!” The programme runs: open – cupboard door – take out – saucepan!

A process which can only be stopped by fear after being punished for the execution of this programme. Whereas triggering the right programme would be so simple: put the saucepans in; shut the cupboard door.

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Feelings are ‚memory keys’
Why actors would make the best teachers. here

Проект «Искусство- естественная потребность человека» N° 2009-1-FR1-GRU06-07061 был финансирован с помощью Европейской комиссии. Публикация отражает мнение авторов, и Европейская комиссия не ответственна за данную информацию, содержащуюся здесь или любое ее использование.